Women and the Word

A research-based BFA Graphic Design Capstone project completed during my senior year at Brigham Young University.

My capstone focused on discussing the problematic rhetoric and cultural practices found in Christianity and specifically, Mormonism. The project was displayed in a gallery on Brigham Young University campus.

Religious ideologies, texts, and rhetoric have been embedded in the fabric of our society since their inception. These ideas have been used as justification for the subordination and control of women; their bodies, their capabilities, their potential, and their voice. 

These ideologies continue to affect women within religion, as well as society on a grand scale because their intense influence have become the pattern by which we dictate the treatment of women and the importance of their existence.

By taking these ideas we view as truth and distilling them in a large format, out of context, it exposes how problematic they actually are - without our rose-colored glasses, or the pedestal-raising rhetoric of leadership. Then, we can start to see the illusions of our accepted beliefs, exposed into the reality that women are living today.

Due to the nature of the audience of this show, students and faculty at Brigham Young University - almost all of them being actively Mormon, I felt it was necessary to limit the amount that my personal opinion was quoted. Instead, through extensive research, I found exerpts and quotes from religious texts, talks, and theological essays. These quotes on the large posters were labeled with a number that corresponded to a smaller footnote poster, displayed to the right.